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Chameleon cyan auto body sticker
Chameleon cyan auto body sticker
Model Number:XL-B9302
Packing:Hard carton

Detailed Product Description

Chameleon cyan auto body sticker,Car body sticker,car vinyl film

Car Color Change Vinyl,Color Change Vinyl For Car,car color changing vinyl,pvc film for car wrapping

car body color change vinyl

Car color changing film is widely used for change the natural color of the car.

It is laminated by thinner polymeric film with imported pressure-sensitive solvent adhesive, featured by lovely and bright colors, anti-corrosive, durable, heat-resistant, and good in flexibility and ductility. It is ideal for those who are creative and with character. You can own a brand new car any time you like.


2.High flexible polymeric PVC film

3.Good Weather Resistance

4.Without residual glue after remove

5.Face film 0.20mm,release paper:140g

6.Long Durability,for outdoor can last 3-5 years

7.No Curling after applications

8.Backside with air channels,Adhesive backing with air release technology for a bubble free installation.

Product characteristic:
Outdoor durability 3-5 years
Face film High flexible polymeric PVC film
Thickness of film without glue 180micron
Glue thickness 30 µm
Glue With air channels,transparent,polyacrylate, removable, from Taiwan
Release paper With air channels,one side siliconized paper, 140g
Adhesive power 16 H / 25 mm
(of FINAT-FTM1, after 24 hours)
Heat temperature More than +180oC
Temperature resistance From -30oC to +250oC
Laceration reluctance
(DIN EN ISO 527)
Longitudinally min 19 Mpa across min 19 MPa
Laceration stretching (DIN EN ISO 527) Longitudinally min 150% across min 150%
Film style With air channels,air bubble free
Features Stretchable,removable
Do not damage the car paint
UV proof,weather proof
Resistant to solvents
Easy cleaning
Easy Maintenance
Stylish,can stick any where


1. First volume of a good length for your body size, according to the amount of good film cut to size the length of a good car, cutting out when the multi-cut 3-5cm, in order to facilitate construction.

2. To clean the surface and around the body in order to avoid dust, you can spray some of the appropriate mixture of water and Xidi Ling to the car body and car membrane for water and scraping the mucous membrane when the bubble.

3. Film when the surface curvature is large, the wind can be a hair dryer or heat gun can be attached more perfect.

4. Finally, the body lines with a knife according to film, the excess membrane can be torn off, the construction is completed.

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B9301 Chameleon purple
B9302 Chameleon cyan
B9303 Chameleon steelblue
B9304 Chameleon blue
B9305 Chameleon purplish red

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